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McKinsey & Company

Jacob Staun, Partner - Main Speaker

Jacob is a Partner in our Copenhagen office and joined 12 years ago after graduating from DTU as a Mechanical Engineer. Jacob works primarily in transportation, public sector and energy sectors, and he is responsible for the people side of our mission in Denmark.

Carl Mikkelsen

Carl Mikkelsen is an Associate with Digital McKinsey’s Copenhagen office. Carl has worked in the banking, insurance and telecom industries focusing on large scale transformation and digital strategy. Carl holds a M.Sc. degree in Engineering Management from the Technical University of Denmark.

Marta Arcari Madsen

Marta Madsen is a Consultant with McKinsey’s Copenhagen office. During her time in McKinsey, Marta has worked primarily in the financial services and transportation sector. Marta has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Copenhagen and a Ms.C. in Physics and Nanotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark.