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Everything started in the small living room of a shared flat in the center of Copenhagen

After we had spent many nights searching the web for interesting jobs positions, we realized how challenging is to understand what such ads involve and which of those could suit us. Since job descriptions are very general, we also realized how challenging could be to tailor our CV for a specific position if you don’t fully understand what is more valuable for the hiring managers.

A night like all the others: sitting on our sofa, LinkedIn opened in both our computers and a glass of red wine in our hands. Suddenly we poured out all our frustrations…

Claudia: << How easy would it be if somebody could give us a list of all the jobs matching our background? >>

Carlotta: << That would be brilliant! I would love to have somebody that could explain me the daily tasks and challenges… honestly, I have no clue about most of these jobs! >> 

Claudia: << It would be so nice to have the opportunity to talk to someone that has been in our same situation and somehow figured their way to a new career. I am sure there is out there someone that could answer our questions! I am also sure there is somebody that could give us tips about how to tailor our CV to get noticed from our dream company!… I mean, do you really think that for a consultancy position they would care if I have published scientific articles? >>

Carlotta: << You know, I just want to find a job that could make me happy. You are lucky: at least you know that you want to stay here. I was considering moving somewhere else to get more opportunities, but where? It was so hard to move here the first time without knowing anything. I felt so lost and lonely… I am not sure I could do this again… at least not without any help. >>

Claudia: << Can you imagine how fantastic would it be to have access to somebody that has all this information? And how helpful could it be to get in contact with others in our same situation? >>

And suddenly we got an idea: << Why don’t we do it? Why don’t we figure a way to connect people like us to those that have been there before? We could organize events where we could meet professionals along others like us to receive tips and learn from their mistakes and experiences.>>

 About 3 days later, Move2Change was founded!