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Andreas Van Maarschalkerweerd

I am from Denmark and I have studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. During my years as an undergraduate I worked for 3.5 years as a student assistant at a privately held company named Ferring Pharmaceuticals. I also got involved with academic research projects both at Ferring Pharmaceuticals and University of Leiden which convinced me to pursue a PhD degree. I was fortunate enough to get a position as PhD student with Bente Vestergaard at University of Copenhagen. I really enjoyed those years of academic research, but I never developed any academic ambitions. From day 1 it was the plan that I wanted to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry, but I also knew that a PhD degree would be a prerequisite to get one of those desirable positions within R&D in the industry. I finished my thesis in 2014 and started working with pharmaceutical giants Pfizer in a Drug Safety department. This was not a particular interesting position, and I quickly starting looking for alternatives. After one year I got the opportunity to join Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen. I moved there February 2016 and started working as a Research Scientist in the Research and Development area. I work with the development of experimental drugs and I absolutely love it. This is what I have dreamt of and why I wanted a PhD in the first place.